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The newest addition, the Liberty collection features rustic to modern wood planks with the look and feel of the real wood. Superior AC5 commercial durability delivers the highest abrasion resistance on the market to assure scuff, scratch and dent protection. With innovative AquaStop technology, Kronoswiss Liberty floors are water-resistant with 72-hour spill protection. When it comes to installing the Kronoswiss floor, the installation process is a simple one. The planks simply click into place with the Unilin installation system. Go ahead - explore all Kornoswiss Liberty flooring styles and colors today. Free samples are available!

Why Choose Kronoswiss Liberty Laminate Flooring?

  • 8mm, AC5 Commercial Durability
  • AquaLogic Water Resistant Technology
  • 35 Year Residential Warranty
  • Easy Unilin Installation, Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Burn, Fade, Spill and Static Protected
  • CARB2 Certified and Air Quality Safe
  • Shop our selection of Kronoswiss Liberty Laminate floors and order up to 5 FREE samples! No credit card required.

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