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Quick-Step NatureTEK Select - Provision Laminate Flooring Collection

Provision - Quick-Step NatureTEK Select laminate flooring collection is featuring stunning hardwood visuals with the 12mm laminate flooring performance to stand up against real life. Provision laminate comes with a waterproof surface coating to provide users with protection from everyday spills, damp mopping, and pet accidents. Durable and protective wear layer stands up to everyday scratches, stains, and fading.

Elegance and Timeless Beauty

Quick-Step Provision has a Natural Authentic texture. This texture mirrors the wood grain pattern of natural wood. The surface looks and feels like genuine hardwood. The plank edge is micro-beveled edges enhanced with the GenueEdge technology to match surface décor for infinite beauty. The shading, coloring, embossed textured and stunning details combine to create an authentic, artisan look. These are truly extraordinary floors.

In Provision flooring collection you will find five different decors with personalities all their own. These floors are all manufactured in the USA.

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