Veriluxe - NatureTEK

Quick Step NatureTEK Veriluxe Laminate Flooring

Infinite beauty. Vast planks with exquisite natural details. There's nothing like the luxury of long planks and with lengths up to 80", this collection defines old world elegance. The shading, coloring, embossed textured and stunning details combine to create authentice, artisan look. These are truely extraordinary floors.
Quick-Step NatureTEK Veriluxe has a Natural Authentic texture. This texture mirrors the wood grain pattern of natural wood. The surface looks and feels like genuine hardwood. The plank edge is Micro-Bevel - a fine micro-beveled edges to match surface décor.

In this Veriluxe Collection you will find different decors with personalities all their own. These floors are all manufactured in the USA.

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