Slim Cap Molding Versatrim Timeless Designs Walnut SCAP-104901

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Walnut | 94" long

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Slim Cap moldings can be used on a variety of floors including laminate, vinyl and hardwood. This molding helps to transition between these floors and carpet. The carpet butts up next to the rounded edge, while the lip covers the end of the other flooring. This piece can also be used in masonry (fireplaces), sliding doors, front of doorways leading outside, and other exterior door jambs.

Special Features:

To be used in floors with an overall thickness of 0mm- 12.7mm. Overall thickness includes everything above the subfloor, including flooring planks, underlayment, either attached or loose lay, and any additional vapor barriers. Comes with Track and Shim. Note: Timeless Designs Vinyl Flooring has a thickness between 5.0mm-6.5mm, so this Slim Cap includes One track and One Shim.

All Versatrim SlimCap moldings feature a Waterproof PVC core, with a High Resistant Aluminum Oxide Laminate coating, to match not only the beauty but also the durability of your floor! This quality is backed by a Lifetime Residential Warranty.

  • Each piece is 94”
  • Includes a plastic mounting track - no need to nail into the surface! Simply secure the track to your sub-floor and snap the molding into place!
  • One Track and One Shim
  • Made in USA!

Disclaimer: We offer coordination, not exact match moldings. All moldings are manufactured to be a close coordination to the floor. In certain lighting and situations it may appear to be a match but due to the process used to create transitions, it is impossible to create an "exact match". All moldings are custom made to order and non-returnable and non-refundable.


Versatrim moldings are protected by a conditional limited warranty for the lifetime of the original purchaser.

The warranty remains valid if the molding is installed properly and maintained according to the manufacturer's installation and maintenance guide. The warranty is only valid for the original end-consumer and is not transferable. To read the detailed warranty information, please follow the links below:



Additional Info

Name Slim Cap Molding Versatrim Timeless Designs Walnut SCAP-104901
Unit of measure pc
Stair Nose Type No
Molding Style SlimCap
Brand Versatrim
Installation Snap on
Suitable For Floors Laminate, Vinyl
Moldings Length 94 inch
Construction PVC
Country of Manufacture United States
Delivery Time CUSTOM ORDER | Est. Delivery 6- 8 Weeks


When installing any molding, it is best if you follow the manufacturer's instructions. Reading the material that we have provided below, as well as the manufacturer's instructions, will help you with a successful installation.

Installation Steps

Step 1: Install the flooring planks including the underlayment by leaving a 1 1/16" (27mm) gap for the installation of the SlimCap molding

Step 2: Place the SlimTrack and shim between the carpet and the flooring. Use the molding for a guide. Screw them to the subfloor by using #6x5/8" screws.

Step 3: Line the SlimCap up with the track and fit one end into the molding. Using a rubber mallet, tap the molding until it engages with the track. Use your hand to guide the molding until it engages with the track. Use your hand to guide the molding into the track as your work you way down, tapping it in, similar to how you would close a zip-loc baggie. Important: Rock SlimCap back and forth to make sure it is sitting inside the track BEFORE hammering it in. If the SlimCap wiggles back and forth, it is NOT set in the track properly and will be damaged when hammered in!

Step 4: Next, go up and down the molding several times, tapping the SlimTrim all the way into the track. You can use a little more force once you are sure it is properly engaged in the track.

Manufacturer Installation Guides:

Additional Installation Information:

Maintenance Guides:

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