Wood Look

Shop Vinyl Plank Flooring with Wood Look

If you desire real wood flooring but it is not realistic or in your budget, wood vinyl flooring is a great alternative. This vinyl flooring looks just like real wood but is waterproof and durable. Want the appearance of real wood flooring but need something a little more practical? We have a fabulous selection of vinyl flooring that resembles authentic wood flooring but is completely waterproof and durable! Brows our collection of wood vinyl flooring and you will find 2mm – 4mm vinyl, both beveled edges and square edges, and shades of wood-like grain that are dark, light, and colorful. This wood inspired vinyl plank flooring can be placed in any room and looks especially nice in a family room or living room. Because both rooms are used so frequently, it is certainly beneficial that vinyl is durable, easy to maintain and easy to install!
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